Working with MySQL in Java

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Good day and welcome to the blog. I recently started working with Java and couldn’t find nearly as much information as you would expect when it came to working with MySQL/Mariadb. Before we get started, this tutorial requires you to import the MySQL java connector into your project. This can

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Password Cracking the Easy Way

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Most tools that allow you to brute force or ‘crack’ passwords are complex, command line driven, and tend to allow far more options than the average user needs. These tools are amazing, and I have no intention of trying to replace them. When I started writing the Pyle Password Cracker,

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Building a Basic SSH Brute Force Application in Java

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In this tutorial we’re going to walk through building a very basic version of the Pyle Password Cracker, a GUI based SSH brute forcing application written in Java that’s scheduled for a beta release shortly before Christmas this year. This tutorial and application have been written with the intent to

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Restarting Linux Services with Remote Manager

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Your server’s down, your admin’s on his lunch break, and you’re losing money by the minute in lost web sales and discouraged customers. The first step in trying to fix a problem on a Linux server is often to restart the service you’re having trouble with. After a few years

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SEO: What Gives?

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The advent of SEO has truly revolutionized the world of search engines. Your favorite search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo had been made more user-friendly. This is to say that you get the most relevant results to your queries because of a technique known as Search Engine Optimization. But

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Tell us how we’re doing

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Oakwood Systems is glad to announce that Hosting Archive has recently added us to their list of companies available for review. I’d like to personally ask you, as a customer, to take a moment to talk about your experience with Oakwood. We’re also available at if you have questions

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Pipsqueak Productions

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Pipsqueak Productions, a pet greeting card and gift company created especially for pet lovers! President and artist, Mary Badenhop has created this exclusive collection in over 400 designs featuring more than 90 breeds of dogs, cats, birds, fish, farm animals and ferrets. Please browse through our products catalog. Mary’s unique

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Fixing Errors with apt-get upgrade on Debian and Backtrack Linux

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I recently ran apt-get upgrade on a Backtrack 5 R3 installation I had running in Virtualbox and got the following error when the upgrade hit se-toolbox. “apt-get install build-essential module-assistant” After a little digging, the solution ended up being fairly simple. To fix an error like this, cd to /var/lib/dpkg/info

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Shared Dedicated or Virtualized

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There are a lot of options when it comes to hosting a website. Right now the industry is buzzing about Virtualization but is it right for you? Would traditional hosting options fit you better? I’d like to shed some light on the differences between Shared Dedicated or Virtualized hosting technology to

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Christ Centered and Reaching Out

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Christ Center and Reaching Out I just wanted to take a moment and make a brief announcement. As some of you may know, Oakwood Systems is a Christ centered organization. That being said, the Bible tells us to proclaim the word of the Lord and we’re about to start with

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